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Wills and Probate Solicitors Southampton

Wills & Probate Solicitors

David Ebert have been offering wills and probate solicitor services in Southampton and the wider Hampshire area for many years. We offer specialist services in Wills, probate and estate administration, and can also be of help in all aspects of inheritance planning and wealth protection. We know that, if your require our services, you are likely going to need a sensitive and understanding solicitor to help you through a difficult time. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and treat all of our clients as individuals whilst also providing expert guidance.

We are able to help with all aspects of Wills, probate, tax and trusts, including:
• Assistance with making your Will
• Asset and liability investigations in Estate Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax
• Grant of Probate
• Sale or transfer of assets
• Deeds of family arrangement
• Deeds of variation
• Letters of administration

Wills Southampton

You are not required by any law or stipulation to make a will, however, it is highly advisable to have one written up. There are a number of reasons to write a will, the most important of which, for most people, is to make the process of sorting everything out after you have died easier for your family. If you have not got a will in place your possessions will be shared in the standard way defined by law; something you may not want. Wills can also help save on inheritance taxes.

Our Team at David Ebert can help you with the entire process of making a Will. From the preparation and drafting of the document to your signing it we will be there to offer advice. We will always take your wishes into account and, once signed, you can rest assured that your loved ones are well looked after.

Probate Solicitors Southampton

When an individual passes away, probate is the legal process of managing their estate and affairs. If you are an executor our probate solicitors are on hand to provide guidance and expert advice to make the process as quick and easy as possible. We have a vat amount of experience in probate and can help in the following ways:

• Obtain the Grant of Probate
• Submit inheritance tax forms and advise on how this can be minimised
• Arrange for payments to be made to the beneficiaries
• Arrange for the sale of assets
• Advise on the settlement of any debts
• Complete the final accounts
• Handle all of the paperwork and contact the relevant authorities

We are a multi-disciplinary solicitors firm and so we are well placed to provide expert legal advice on related matters such as trust planning and taxation. Will execution also is, occasionally, disrupted by disputes. We can help with the resolution of these.


When an individual passes away without having a legally binding will in place this can cause a huge amount of difficulty for the family in question. This state is called intestacy results in outside rules governing how the estate is divided. Often, the intestacy rules will appoint an Administrator who can unexpectedly find themselves in this position. David Ebert have years’ of experience in helping Administrators deal with the important matters of the deceased in a swift and efficient manner.

Lasting power of Attorney

Our specialists will guide you through the process of making a Lasting Power of Attorney, which enables another person, or Attorney, to take care of your affairs in the event of your becoming unable to do so. There are two kinds of Lasting Power of Attorney:

• Property and Financial Affairs – this allows your Attorney to deal with all of your financial affairs
• Health and Welfare – this allows your Attorney to make decisions about your care, including residential care and even life-sustaining treatment. This only applies when someone is incapable of making decisions themselves.

We can guide you through the elements of making a Lasting Power of Attorney, and ensure that the process runs smoothly so that you can move on with peace of mind.

Wills & Probate Enquiries

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